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How much experience do your guides have?

Verifying our guides’ specific knowledge is something we take very seriously. This job is not a simple summer job for students. There are many responsibilities that can only be entrusted to experienced people. At West Forever, all our guides have the usual basic knowledge: they know English, a little bit of mechanics, they have first aid certificates, they are sociable and full of humanity, etc. But most important, they are motivated and hard-working, because the days of a WF guide are long. Some have been with us for many years and train the newcomers. We have our own school. The candidates are selected for the aforementioned criteria and others that you could call “feeling” or “contact”; they undergo 3 weeks of technical training in the field (U.S.A.). We take these selections seriously and the recruitment process is quite long. We entrust our guides with our most precious possession – our customers – and, when in doubt, we always abstain. Along with the guides’ experience, you should also check how many years of experience the agency has with this kind of trip and that they have a travel agent license, their own if possible.
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