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Custom motorcycle tours in Australia

The choice of Australia means choosing space! In Australia, it is easy to ride all day long and have the impression that you haven’t gone anywhere on the map! The country is varied and you can easily go from the tropical forest to the desert in the bush, via the legendary surfer beaches and the Great Barrier Reef, all in the same trip.

Visiting Australia

Visiting Australia also sometimes means leaving your bike behind to go scuba diving to observe marine life, go for a catamaran outing on the Great Barrier Reef or take a horseback ride as you enter the bush.
There are many possible destinations but be careful – the immensity of the country also means a very low population density. We recommend traveling along the coast, where there are more people. If you go deep into the bush, you will have to handle any problems that come up all by yourself.
Whatever your choice, in Australia you will discover a state of mind, a way of living: knowing how to take your time. The most common expression is, “No worries mate!” More than just a trip, Australia is a true experience.

Is Australia a good destination for me?

Australia is a magical destination for those who have an adventurous spirit. Unlike the USA, the network of motorcycle renters is not as dense and you will probably have to make sacrifices in your choice of models and the city you start off from. If you go into the bush, you will also have to be a bit of a mechanic and bring along some tools to manage any problems you may run into. Likewise, keep an eye on your mobile phone connection, as the emergency services are very well organized here but you have to be able to contact them! That is Australia – keep an open mind, plan ahead and you will be ready for a trip you will never forget.

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