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Australia on a motorcycle is for explorers, for people who like something different. For a trip on a Harley, where the wide-open spaces are the reference, we couldn’t help but include Australia in our catalogue. A motorcycle trip on this “island continent”, the 6th largest country in the world in terms of size, holds so many surprising things to discover. The Great Barrier Reef, probably the largest living organism in the world, an incredible number of animals that don’t exist anywhere else, the most impressive monolith on the planet (Uluru), magical, laid-back cities, and a unique “no man’s land”, the bush, covering the vast majority of the country. Come and discover Australia on a motorcycle, you will be surprised to see how much this country is unique.

Riding a Harley Davidson in Australia is an intense pleasure for everyone who loves unlimited spaces. Australia is a world in and of itself that you must approach with a new way of looking at things. There are so many things to be seen, but what you need to understand is that they are in a country that is mostly empty.

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Located along the South Pacific and the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland sums up all the beauty of Australia: beaches you can call your own, tropical forests and the Bush! Beyond another nature and culture, you will discover another state of mind..
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