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Why do we propose accommodations at the best category of hotels?

We are the first motorcycle tour operator, and this status leads us to book a large number of hotel rooms that we rent each year at the hotels we use. This position gives us the possibility to negotiate our prices in the best hotels and motels. The quality of the accommodations provided therefore does not significantly affect the price you pay compared with a smaller company offering accommodations at hotels of lower quality. All our customers will tell you how nice it is, after a long day’s ride in the desert’s heat, to relax in a room with the highest level of comfort, air conditioning and comfortable beds in a hotel with a swimming pool and often a Jacuzzi. The quality of the welcome and the originality of the place are also criteria that we apply when choosing hotels. Last but not least, being near tourist sites is a must. Imagine, for example, that after watching the sunset over the Grand Canyon, you have to go back to Flagstaff to sleep?! The Grand Canyon is at an altitude of 2,500 meters/8,250 feet, and the nights are chilly… and Flagstaff, the first city outside the national park, is over 100 km/60 miles away!! You can’t possibly miss the magic of a sunset over the Grand Canyon!
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