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Why do you choose to ride in small groups with a guide ?

With the same terms, this does not concern the Road Book tours, “Daytona Bike Week” and the “Great Australian Trek”. Riding together is first of all a question of having a good time, the simple pleasure of sharing the experience. Secondly, it is also a major safety factor. Having to wait for technical assistance, if it is included in the tour (which is not always the case), spending and hour or two in the middle of the desert with the sun beating down on you can ruin your day, to say the least! Furthermore, especially at certain times of the year, you need to drink a lot of water. Having the assistance van nearby with its reserves of cold water adds to your comfort, but also to your safety! Also, don’t forget that the ability to carry luggage (for a 15-days trip) on a motorcycle is, by definition, relatively limited. The accompanying vehicle also transports your suitcases... But “riding together” does not mean “riding right next to one another”. The group often stretches out over several miles, everyone going at their own pace. They regularly group together to make sure everybody is OK, to hand out cold water, etc. Last but not least, WF customers cover several million miles in the United States each year. The probability of having an accident is therefore proportional. In this case, having the assistance car nearby, with its first aid equipment and an American cell phone, can be of vital importance. Be careful – some agencies are not very explicit about the presence of guides or play down their importance! Without guidance, how can you be sure to reach your destination for the night? And if you don’t make it to the hotel for the night, good luck getting to tomorrow’s hotel, etc. Nowadays, leaving without booking hotels in advance is impossible at tourist sites in the busy season.
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