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History of West Forever

The history of West Forever is first and foremost a story of friendship.


First of all, it is the story of Frank Bruynbroek and Dominique Dillenbourg. The two of them, childhood friends and bikers since the age of 16, got hooked on long-range biking trips after a 6-month ride in the USA in 1981. The experience branded them for life, sealing their friendship and searing travel into their DNA forever. So, 14 years later, when customers at Dominique’s Harley Davidson dealership asked for help in organizing a trip to the United States, our two friends got down to work and organized the very first tour of the future West Forever company. In 1996, with help from Claudine Walter, the dream machine was launched and West Forever became the leader in motorcycle trips in just a few years.

Since 2011, West Forever’s history has also been the story of Eric and Fabien. They met 2008 in South America during Rally Gringo organized by Eric. This was the first time he applied the “Citroën Traction” rallies’ formulas to the motorcycle world. Fabien rediscovered his motorcycle’s passion, travelling and enjoying the isolation from wide open spaces. This allowed him to think about his career in major companies that wasn’t fitting his ideal of life anymore.

They hit if off immediately and founded a firm friendship around tennis games in which the winner got to choose the restaurant and the loser had to buy dinner. But it was really through their professional skills that they realized they made such a great team, along with their shared vision of travel, which led them to the West Forever adventure. They are always on the lookout for new horizons and great experiences and their ultimate quest remains sharing them with others, the human experience of friendships formed on the road.

Today, Eric travels the world seeking out new beautiful routes (on paved roads) for our Harleys and Fabien works in Strasbourg and Paris organizing your trips and developing the West Forever business.

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