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Our philosophy

Riding around the world

Our goal is to bring you on the most beautiful roads in the world, along the greatest curves and through the most wonderful valleys. Our job is to make you enjoy the smell of sand, the color of the desert, to awaken the nomad in you, to stimulate your adventurous spirit, to help you get in touch with your inner child’s ability to marvel, to fill you with the excitement of “roaming”, to soothe your senses, to awaken your feelings.

The dream factory

We make emotions. Every minute of the day, West Forever guides are fully dedicated to give you a feeling of well-being and fulfillment. We want to multiply these exhilarating moments into infinity, these fleeting seconds during which time stands still. Each part of the journey is chosen for the spirit of the site, the topography, the temperature, the type of road and the group’s profile. Likewise, our technical services (hotels, bikes, flights, etc.) are selected based on the simple principle of constantly seeking balance and excellence.

We give the best of ourselves to please the best of yourself.
We are your angel, your sherpa, your older brother.
We love Humanity, Life and the Environment.

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