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Fabien Baranès

Fabien Baranès

Motorcyclist since he is 11 (if we account his blue Motobécane). In 2008 during a motorcycle raid in South America, Fabien decided that his professional life had to match his passion and personal lifestyle. No more multinational companies, exit computer banking. Through Eric, Fabien discovers West Forever and immediately loves the firm. Fabien now dedicate himself to offer innovative ways to discover famous places and to share his passion for motorcycle touring.

The team in the office

At West Forever, we love what we do and it shows. You can hear the smile on our faces through the phone; give it a try! The team is young and motivated, and they all remember that they are making dreams come true. Everything has to be perfect so they work hard to make it that way. Always at your service, ready to answer questions and solve problems, they are with you every step of your trip (even the paperwork!). Feel free to ask us any question; everyone here has taken a West Forever tour, so we know what you’re going through.

Christophe Coupas

Christophe Coupas

West Forever Director, he is a born leader who people like and naturally follow, both in the office and in the field.

Sophie Morel

Sophie Morel

Sophie mainly manages guided tours and communication. She is an organized multi-tasker who works on all our communication campaigns. She is responsible for the catalog, internet site, advertising and developing our data system.

Emilie Velay

Emilie Velay

Her smile is the first thing people notice about Emilie. Her happiness is contagious, and she’s efficient to boot. She handles the front and back desk, working particularly with suppliers, but she’s also happy to answer any questions you might have.

Laetitia Kieffer

Laetitia Kieffer

Laetitia handles registration paperwork. She is a shutterbug who’s been around motorcycles since she was a kid, and she will work with you to organize your trip quickly, easily and with a smile.

Loyse Frey

Loyse Frey

She joined the team in 2011 and has a very strong customer-relations background. She continues to excel in that sense and added to her skills by managing the relations with H-D dealers and Harley Owner Groups, and by organizing the “West Forever Evening Events”.

Lionel le francois

Lionel Lefrançois

Lionel works exclusively on our trips without guides. Cool, collected and attentive to you and to details, he will assist you in planning out your whole trip with advice, price quotes and a helping hand until your plans become a reality.

Fanny Lescene

Fanny Lescene

She left New Zealand to work with us (true story). Her good mood is making the West Forever's office a great place to work in. Secondarily she is trying to find the best services providers for our tours and make them even better.

Joelle Lehmann

Joelle Lehmann

With a 15 years experience in tourism and customer relationship she is working alongside Lionel to design custom tours that fit your needs.

West Forever Guides

We are artists when it comes to motorcycle trips and our mission as guides is to bring you to any corners – guest satisfaction on the trip from beginning to end. We pay attention to every detail, providing amazing journeys and a trip you will never forget.

The know-how that West Forever brings together is a fine blend of motorcycle knowledge, understanding of motorcyclists’ expectations, intimate places’ knowledge and a constant quest for a fun ride. Add to that the team’s desire to share such a unique experience with every one of their travelers. Bernard, Philippe, Pierre, Etienne, Abel, Erick and all the rest put this know-how to work. Travel is an art that we work to perfect every day.

Our guides do their best to satisfy everyone and create a cohesive group, but they are also attentive to individual needs, interests, strengths and weaknesses. They are there to help you living your dream and enjoy doing it, at your service but certainly not servants. They’ll be a friend, a confidant and this will be valuable for both of you.

Bernard Tschofe

Bernard Tschofen

This is Mr. Nice Guy himself. You won’t find anybody who’s nicer, more attentive and more devoted! Every traveler gets treated with a calm smile. As American resident, he knows this country like the back of his hand and is a truly “well-rounded” guide. Bernard guides groups in English, French and Japanese.

Pierre Eisenmann

Pierre Eisenmann

Pierre has a contagious passion for America, a country he knows well. He is always on the lookout for good ideas to make your trip even better and he has a story or two to tell about the places you will discover. Pierre guides groups in English, French and Russian.


Etienne Laurent

Etienne is a real sweet-talker and he always has the right word to boost spirits when energy is running low. He’s a fan of “café racers”, so don’t be surprised if he prefers a Sportster 1200 over a Big Twin. In addition to English and French, Etienne also guides groups in Japanese.

Vincent Wischlen

Vincent Wischlen

This man is a force of nature, and one you’re glad to have in your corner because he also has extensive experience in logistics with humanitarian work, meaning he can handle any kind of situation without batting an eyelash.


Abel Hernandez

He’s easy to get to know and always ready to lend a hand and put everyone at ease. He’s a fan of Westerns and collects Civil War revolvers, but don’t be afraid, he doesn’t have an itchy trigger finger! Abel guides groups in French and English as well as Spanish.


Gian Paolo Priotto

A professional guide since 1997 and, for the last five years, with West Forever Italy. He is also a ski instructor in the winter. Gian Paolo speaks perfect French, so he guides French-speaking groups, but he also works in English and Italian.


Jean-Pierre Fernay

This man is wild about horses, motorcycles and traveling. He shares with groups his love of America and its native peoples, its music and its excesses… vast stretches of wild, magnificent beauty.


Patrice Muccini

Now this is Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance in a man who is willing to share his illumination and wisdom with you! He is perfect on technical questions and also more than ready to take care of every little thing on your trip.

Erick Courly

Erick Courly

With his wife Maria, Erick is our go-to man in South Africa, but he also guides tours in the US. He’s a former motorcycle racer and cars -and motorcycles journalist. His experience is impressive and every group he guides comes away a little bit wiser.


Dominique Dillenbourg

For 17 years, he was head of the company. Now he works exclusively as a guide and can focus 100% of his attention on the people side of operations. You’ll find him on trips in Australia and a few trips in Europe. Dominique leads groups in English and French as well as in German.


Frank Bruynbroek

A musician, a man with heart and a human touch. He leads groups from time to time, and always with his own style. Easy-going and efficient with a kind word, now that works!

Photo Isabelle Gagnaire

Isabelle Gagnaire

With French and Swiss nationality, Isabelle is a ski instructor in the winter and swimming instructor in the summer, if West Forever leaves her any free time. This patient woman will take time to answer your question because it’s worth it. And she’ll do her best to impart her passion as American West is her dream too!

Photo Thierry Guigonnet

Thierry Guigonnet

No surprises with Thierry. He’s easy to get along with, honest and respectful. What drives him are wide-open spaces and a true enjoyment of sharing exceptional moments with a group that he can give a lot to. He’s a ski instructor in the winter as well as an expert paraglider.

Photo Alessandro Zambelli

Alessandro Zambelli

Alessandro loves nature and the wild, and is a professional traveler. He’s a true globetrotter who can make you discover Lapland, Costa Rica or China, but the place he really loves is the American West. If you’re interested in photography or astronomy, he’s your man; they are two of his hobbies!

Our local teams

In the US


Frank Bruynbroek

Frank lives in Los Angeles and manages our company there, receiving customers on arrival. His charisma and even-handed style mixed with his kindness have helped give West Forever the character it is now known for.

In South Africa

equipe erick-et-mia

Erick et Mia Courly

These two are a fun pair who, together, make up our entire South Africa team. Mia masterfully handles the administrative part while Erick is the man in the field, keeping up stellar relations with our partners. They’re a couple in life and at work and Mia is always pleased joining her husband on the road, adding a much appreciated feminine touch.

In Australia

Yann Grolleauken iversen

Pascale Gerson, Carole Lesprit,
Yann Grolleau et Ken Iversen

Australia is far away, so we decided we needed to have a team to greet customers there. The West Forever Australia team coordinates things Down Under, meeting our groups upon arrival so everything runs like clockwork. With distances like that to cover, small problems can quickly become harder to manage! They also sell West Forever trips to the US for local customers.

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