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Choosing your motorcycle

Renting a Harley-Davidson® is easier in some countries than in others. In the United States, there are many rental companies offering a wide range of models that are usually quite new and have low mileage.

Most often, West Forever works with Harley-Davidson® Authorized rental companies, which guarantees you motorcycles that are less than 2 years old and have less than 30,000 miles on the clock. But this is not possible everywhere.

In Australia, for example, few rental companies have Harley-Davidson® motorcycles available. Those that do offer them most often have models favored by Australians, which are not always best suited to a long-distance journey. Our “touring” models are therefore older than those in the USA, fewer are available, and they are already veterans of many “adventures”.

In terms of the choice of motorcycles available, South Africa and Europe are mid-way between the two countries mentioned above. Rental companies don’t offer anything like the full range of Harley-Davidson® “touring” models, and they generally have fewer available. As you will see, your demands in terms of the choice of your mount must be flexible according to your destination. Also bear in mind that, even in the USA, what’s on offer in Salt Lake City cannot be compared to the plethora of models available in Las Vegas or Los Angeles!

In any case, West Forever has close relations with rental companies going back many years, ensuring that you get the best models available. Every bike we offer is adapted to the route. All of them have a windshield, a passenger backrest and saddlebags (saddlebags not always available on Fat Boy® and Low Rider®). We don’t use the Sportster® and V-Rod® models as they are not comfortable enough to contemplate riding for 3,000 kilometers or 2,000 miles.
As soon as you sign up, we will ask you which model you would like. We will ask you to make three choices, ranked 1 to 3 in order of preference, from the Touring®, Softail® and/or Dyna® brand families.

Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to assign you the model of your choice. We know that it’s important to you, and we aim to please. That is why we advise the rental company of your choice as soon as you sign up, which may be several months in advance, and we regularly approve the bike assignments with them. However, please be aware that sometimes this is not possible.

The final choice of the vehicle assigned to you is made by the rental company, according to their availability and matched as closely as possible to your needs. We hope you understand and accept this situation. If several riders within a single group wish to ride the same model, and if we do not have enough of the same model available, we will allocate the bikes in the order in which the participants signed up for the trip. Shorter people, or those who like to put their feet firmly on the ground, we recommend the Heritage® model or the new Switchback® (two-up) and the Street Glide or the Fat Boy® (solo) where available.

The Electra Glide® Classic is a motorcycle especially for larger riders who are used to “Touring” type bikes, such as large BMWs or Honda Goldwings. The Road King is an excellent compromise and boasts a comfortable passenger seat.

West Forever advises you to visit one of our partner dealers for an initial contact with Harley-Davidson® motorcycles and to have a discussion about the best bike for your next dream destination.

Rental of anykind of motorcycles can be arranged so feel free to contact us to get a quote.

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