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Enjoying your trip to the fullest

West Forever organizes group tours, but we are not going to hold your hand. We have nothing to do with the image of buses full of herds of tourists. We want to let you experience your own sensations. Free to take your initiatives. We are there to help you, to inform you, but this trip is yours, and it is up to you to make it a success.

So we would like to give you the following advice: prepare your trip, buy some tourist guides and road maps. Take notes, keep a travel diary. In a word, get interested!
  • We are foreigners just about everywhere in the world. Meeting men and women of different origins is enriching beyond all limits. Respecting this difference is the indispensable condition for the trip to go well.
  • Respect the equipment. If your bike is in exceptional condition, it is because the previous users respected it. Don’t take off suddenly, especially when the engine is still cold. Don’t go too fast in the desert heat... Don’t burn it out (you won’t get your deposit back...).
  • Use your sense of humor! A good laugh will get you out of anything!
  • Don’t take your trip for granted. By traveling with West Forever, you won’t be getting into the record books, but you shouldn’t underestimate your exploits! Make sure you are physically and mentally prepared for your trip.
  • Your guides will be your best companions. Their dedication and their attention will reconcile you with the meaning of the word “service”. They are the best guarantee that your trip will be a success. But while they are at your service, they are not your servants. Just because you paid for your trip doesn’t mean that you have any rights over them. A relationship of equals is a source of personal fulfillment.

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